PIKE U Board Director Announced

Chris E. Peterson Appointed PIKE University Board Director - Darius Sidebotham Recognized For Outstanding Achievements and Service


Chris Peterson (Florida, Alpha Eta '91) was recently appointed to the PIKE University Board of Directors by the Supreme Council.

MEMPHIS, TN - Chris Peterson (Florida, Alpha Eta ’91) was appointed to the PIKE University Board of Directors on September 22, 2016, by the Supreme Council. Peterson has served as chapter president, Fraternity chapter consultant, chapter advisor to Eta Phi Chapter (Central Florida), Alpha Eta Alumni Association president, and Sunshine regional president. Most recently, he facilitated the Fraternity’s newest strategic plan. Peterson brings a wealth of leadership, knowledge and impressive credentials to his new position with PIKE University. Professionally, Peterson is the co-founder and president of The Vector Firm which specializes in sales management consulting to the security industry, based in Orlando, Florida.

Darius “Dar” Sidebotham Recognized for Service to the Fraternity

After serving on the PIKE University Board of Directors since its inception in 2004, including serving as president of PIKE University from 2010-2014, Darius “Dar” Sidebotham (Zeta Sigma, Florida Tech ’94) expressed his desire to step down from the board this year. Under his leadership, PIKE University has grown to include nine annual events with over 3,000 attendees annually. During his tenure, the PIKE University Certification Program has recognized over 1,500 graduates, experienced unprecedented growth, and developed an outstanding curriculum. Professionally, he is the Vice President of Bernstein Global Wealth Management in Boston, Massachusetts.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s International President Shad Williams (Oklahoma State, Gamma Chi ’90) shared this remark about Sidebotham: “Dar has taken PIKE University to a level that no one could have possibly envisioned. I know I speak on behalf of the entire Fraternity when I express my gratitude for his service and dedication.”

The PIKE University Board is charged with providing direction and guidance for Pi Kappa Alpha’s educational initiatives.

PIKE University seeks to advance the mission of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity by developing and providing educational programs aimed at fostering leadership, management and personal development skills in order to prepare its members for success. Cumulatively, PIKE University hosts nine educational events a year with over 3,000 attendees annually.

For questions about PIKE University, contact the Education Officer at 901-748-1868, ext. 1136, or pikeuniversity@pikes.org