Passing of William F. Aull Jr.

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William Aull Jr. (Penn State, Beta Alpha '41) passed away peacefully on April 24, 2017.

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL - William F. Aull Jr. (Penn State, Beta Alpha ’41) passed away peacefully on April 24, 2017 at his home in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL with his beloved wife Paula by his side. At the Northeast Florida Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni Association Founder’s Day Luncheon in April 2016, Brother Aull was present to accept his 75th anniversary award as a member of Pi Kappa Alpha.

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Brother Aull graduated from Penn State with a Masters in Science degree. After he returned from World War II, he went to VPI as an associate professor. When he left VPI he purchased Wood's Dairy in Virginia and turned the company around to a profitable business and sold it to return to Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh he entered into the real estate business and proceeded to build college dormitories and then college apartment housing around Pennsylvania. He also built Hidden Valley Tennis Club in Upper St. Claire (Pittsburgh area). Bill invested in the oil and gas industry, and founded Aull Energy Company.

Brother Aull, founder of Aull Energy Co., recalls one of the big pleasures going back to Penn State during the years he was visiting the Beta Alpha-Pi Kappa Alpha house at Nittany Lions football games. His wife Paula tells it was also a pleasure to stop by the fraternity house and see so many wonderful young men. When Bill and Paula moved to Florida, they always looked forward to watching the football games on Saturday afternoon. Bill was so proud to be associated with the Pi Kappa Alpha for 76 years. He was a great story teller often talking about various Pi Kappa Alpha brothers, a pretty coed, professors and the creamery at Penn State where he worked.

There were many influences in his life - his family, his military service in World War II - but he was most likely to mention PI Kappa Alpha Fraternity, and his good friend Quinton Wood (Penn State, Beta Alpha ’42) who celebrated his 75th membership anniversary in 2017. One of his friends is quoted “I want to thank you for thinking of me during these tough times. I was blessed, I am your friend first and I am very lucky for that friendship.”

Paula said, “Bill helped many people during his many years both in business ventures and in the private sector. Always staying anonymous, never looking for a thank you. His goal was to help the people he could when he could. When you read the quote from his young associate I believe you can see what a generous man Bill was.”
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