Omicron Alumni Association Chartered!

Their chapter is silent, but the brotherhood endures.

Omicron Chapter Brothers Celebrate Homecoming

By Jan Ennis, Omicron Alumni Association President (Omicron ’72)

Thirty Eight years had passed since my days at the University of Richmond with only scattered memories of fraternity life. One day as I sat at my desk, the phone rang. To my surprise, it was George “Brick” Hill, my PiKA Big Brother. Caught off guard by his call, my first question to him was “Are you dying?” After a long laugh, he told me he had come across the paddle I made for him as a new member. He wanted to return it to me as a keepsake. After speaking with him, a flood of memories came rushing back.

As fate would have it, I was heading back to Virginia shortly after that call. Before my trip back, another brother, Dan Rucker, connected with me on Facebook. Dan and I entertained the idea of getting some of the guys together while I was in town. We agreed to arrange a gathering just to see how many guys would show up.
Surprisingly, 22 of us from classes ‘71 to ‘77 arrived on short notice. Although several brothers live in the Richmond area, many had not corralled in such numbers since we graduated. The event was so inspiring that we vowed to do it again.

Later that year, many of us planned to get together for the 2014 football homecoming. 45 brothers (and their wives) from all parts of the country attended our informal gathering that Friday. Our momentum was building.
Upon learning that the active Omicron Chapter had been removed from the University of Richmond, many proposed we seek out formal recognition to expand growth as an alumni group. We reached out to the International Fraternity Alumni and Volunteer Department and began our inquiries. Through that process, we were guided to formally charter our alumni association as of October 2015.

Each year our attendance in brothers continues to grow as many return to reunite with for a few days. Those that attend for the first time share the same overwhelming experience the rest of us had- as if no time had passed. Our brotherhood does not cease with memories of undergraduate days. Now, we continue the friendships that bound us. Brothers till the end.

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