Michael Bankes Recognized as Pike of the Month for October 2019

Michael Bankes

Michael Bankes (Wayne State, Delta Nu '16), October 2019 Pike of the Month

MEMPHIS, TN - Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity is pleased to announce Michael Bankes (Wayne State, Delta Nu ’16) as the October 2019 Pike of the Month. Pike of the Month award recipients demonstrate the True Pike ideals, working to improve themselves and having a positive impact on their chapters, campuses, and communities.

Bankes, a senior at Wayne State University, was nominated for demonstrating superior leadership in his chapter, on campus, and in the community.

He has served his chapter as vice president, treasurer, campus involvement chair, and community leader educator. Under his leadership, the chapter raised $30,000 for philanthropy. He also organized the two largest philanthropy events in chapter history. Within the chapter, he has been recognized as Athlete of the Year, Scholar of the Year, Officer of the Year, and two-time Pike of the Year.

Bankes has maintained a 3.9 GPA and a presence on the Dean’s List. He is a member of the Irvin D. Reid Honors College and the Legacy Leaders orientation program. He serves as a research assistant and data manager in the university’s SCANLab, a fetal development neuropsychology lab, and as a peer mentor for organic chemistry students.

Within the community, Bankes volunteers at the Free Malta Dental Clinic. He is an active member of Global Brigades and has completed two mission trips to Honduras with the organization to provide support in public health fields. He is passionate about providing quality dental care for individuals with limited access.

Bankes will graduate with a degree in nutrition and food science and plans to attend dental school.

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