Fraternity Responds to Civil Suit in Houston

PIKE Lockup Garnet and Black

MEMPHIS, TN – The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity was notified of a civil lawsuit filed on September 19th involving former members of the now suspended Epsilon Eta Chapter at The University of Houston.

Pi Kappa Alpha does not tolerate hazing, maltreatment of members, or any activities that do not treat individuals with dignity and respect. The International Fraternity suspended Epsilon Eta Chapter’s Charter after it was made aware of the allegations of hazing by Mr. Munoz. The University of Houston later suspended the chapter.

The International Fraternity sympathizes with Mr. Munoz in his injuries and is supportive of any action which holds the responsible individuals accountable for the reprehensible and illegal acts alleged. To further the point, chapter delegates from across North America unanimously adopted a resolution at the 2018 Convention that fully supports the civil and criminal prosecution of individual members for acts of hazing. The Fraternity was disappointed to learn the local district attorney decided not to file criminal charges against the individuals who allegedly caused direct harm to Mr. Munoz.

The lawsuit filed by Mr. Munoz and his attorney contains numerous misrepresentations and factual inaccuracies regarding the International Fraternity’s organizational status, financial models, and its relationship with Epsilon Eta Chapter. The allegations of a bribe are absolutely false. Mr. Munoz initiated a request for compensation after lying to the police and the University of Houston about the circumstances surrounding his injury for more than six months following the incident.

The International Fraternity is confident the facts of this matter will come out as the litigation proceeds.


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