Duke Pikes Shave Heads for Cancer Awareness

Alpha Alpha Chapter

Members of Alpha Alpha Chapter shave their heads at Buzz for Bobby, Shave for Schreiber.

MEMPHIS, TN - Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity is pleased to highlight Alpha Alpha Chapter (Duke) as the March 2019 Chapter Spotlight. Philanthropy Chairman Evan Seiden ’18 shares the history of the annual Shave for Schreiber, Buzz for Bobby philanthropy event and their goals moving forward.

Initiates: 63
New members: 99
Total philanthropy $ raised at Shave for Schreiber, Buzz for Bobby: $230,000

Shave for Schreiber, Buzz for Bobby (S4sB4B) is Alpha Alpha Chapter’s pride and joy. Brothers and members of the Duke University community gather every spring to shave their heads and raise funds. The annual philanthropy event benefits the I’m Not Done Yet Foundation, which helps adolescent patients with serious, long-term, and chronic illnesses transition from pediatrics to adulthood. The event namesakes, Bobby Menges ’16 and Mark Schreiber ’14, are a part of the PIKE family.

Before January 2016, Mark Schreiber was a typical college student. Everything changed when he was diagnosed with central nervous system (CNS) germinoma. After undergoing multiple neurosurgeries, Mark began five months of intense chemotherapy and radiation. During this time, he relied heavily on the support of his family, the Duke community, and Alpha Alpha Chapter brothers. He maintained his hope and positive attitude even through the loss of his appetite, hair, and independence. In July 2016, Mark was officially in remission. Shortly after, he was able to return to his studies at Duke.

Bobby Menges was first diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma at five years old. After a second diagnosis at age nine, he was in remission for almost 10 years. In spring 2016, Bobby was approaching the end of his freshman year and had been recently initiated into PIKE. Tragedy struck when he was diagnosed with a primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET).

“As a second semester freshman, this fight was by far the worst of the three,” he said. “I had to leave my new friends, my classes, and my girlfriend so that I could receive treatment back home in New York.”

Shortly after Bobby left for New York, his chapter brothers organized an event to show their support for their two brothers. The first Shave for Schreiber, Buzz for Bobby was born.

“In the midst of the worst period in my life, these men that I barely knew set aside their egos and shaved their heads in solidarity with me and Mark,” Bobby said. “This event is more than a fundraiser to me. It gave me the hope and strength to fight through cancer a third time.”

Bobby passed away on September 8, 2017. His loss has left a missing piece in the brotherhood, but his PIKE brothers are dedicated to carrying on his legacy. Following Bobby’s passing, the Menges family founded the I’m Not Done Yet Foundation to raise money for adolescent and young adult oncology programs across the nation. Alpha Alpha Chapter continues to fundraise for the foundation by growing and expanding S4sB4B every year.

While S4sB4B takes place in March, philanthropic efforts and fundraising begin as early as November. They raise money through t-shirt sales, wristbands, silent auctions, and other campus events. The chapter encourages the Duke community to donate blood, hair, and their time to adolescents battling cancer. In 2018, they raised $75,000 for the I’m Not Done Yet Foundation. As for 2019? They’ve raised $55,000 and counting.

Mark Schreiber remains tremendously grateful for the support that Shave for Schreiber, Buzz for Bobby has elicited. His hope is that the momentum can carry on into the future.

Philanthropy Chairman Evan Seiden says that the chapter has a lot of pride in conducting Shave for Schreiber, Buzz for Bobby, but they’re also proud of their success on campus. They recently welcomed 36 new members, their largest class to date, and earned the second highest GPA among fraternities on campus. Moving forward, they are excited to continue telling Bobby’s story.

Bobby isn’t done yet. Alpha Alpha Chapter isn’t either.

For more information about Shave for Schreiber Buzz for Bobby, please visit www.s4sb4b.com. To learn more about the I’m Not Done Yet Foundation, visit www.imnotdoneyetfoundation.org.

For more information contact the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation at (901) 748-1948 or pikeinfo@pikes.org