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The PIKE Podcast is here to inform and inspire your lifelong fraternal experience.

This periodic production will connect you to prominent alumni, discuss success stories and connect you to thought leaders, best practices and general information related to Pi Kappa Alpha. We'll also break down some of our most dynamic resources - from entire areas of programming to specific tools and strategies - to deliver an in-depth, comprehensive look at the elements that make our chapters successful.

Episode 016


This episode, Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation Chief Operating Officer Ben Boden (Iowa State, Alpha Phi '01) and Pi Kappa Alpha Chief Marketing Officer Brent Phillips (Missouri, Alpha Nu '87) talk about the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation, celebrating 150 years of the Fraternity and how you can take part in this year’s Giving Tuesday.

Resource Links Discussed:

To make a one-time donation, visit

To help spread the message about the Giving Tuesday Toolkit, visit

To learn more how the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation invests in the Fraternity experience, visit

Episode 015

The Transition Retreat: Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Transitions can make the difference between a twenty-year-old chapter having twenty years of experience or the same chapter having one-year experience, twenty times. Few events will affect the immediate future of the chapter more than the transition from one executive council to another. Organization and documentation are the keys to maintaining continuity to the life of the chapter - even through those challenging times. Director of Chapter Services – East Jeff Farris (Toledo, Epsilon Epsilon ’12) joins Jarrett to break down the fundamentals of an effective transition retreat. We’ll discuss the foundation, the three stages of the retreat, documentation and the duties of both outgoing and incoming officers.

Resource Links Discussed:

PIKE Blog - The Transition Retreat

Pi Kappa Alpha Annual Planner 2018-19

Alumni Advisory Board Resources:

Facilitating Officer Transition and Goal Setting

Facilitating Transition Retreats

Episode 014

PIKE University

PIKE University is the only fraternity-sponsored leadership program that provides regional summits for general members in addition to programs offered for chapter leaders. In August of 2017, Town & Country named Pi Kappa Alpha among the most prestigious fraternities in America, citing the Fraternity as a leading competitor for leadership programs. Our undergraduates return to their chapters equipped with the knowledge and skills to make impactful change. For this episode, Jarrett sits down with Education Officer Danny Ryan (Missouri S&T, Alpha Kappa ’06) to talk about the value of this educational programming and how it can transform your chapter.

Resource Links Discussed:

PIKE University Landing Page

Chapter Scholarship Funds

YouTube - About PIKE U

Episode 013

Internal Controls: A Crash Course

This episode, Jarrett is joined by Chief Financial Officer J.R. Parsons (Wyoming, Iota Alpha ’01) to discuss internal controls. Internal controls are methods put in place by a company to ensure the integrity of financial and accounting information meet operational targets and transmit management policies throughout the organization. Internal controls work best when they are applied to multiple divisions and deal with the interactions between the various business departments. We’ll analyze how these practices translate to chapter operations and discuss the importance of keeping your brotherhood clear of liability.

Resource Links Discussed:

PIKE Blog - Internal Controls

Episode 012

Public Relations: Telling Your Story

A fraternal organization has various target audiences which the fraternity depends on to operate and that rely on the fraternity to add value in return. The public relations function manages the ever-changing relationships an organization has with outside organizations and individuals in order to bring the highest value back to the organization. The name of the game is developing relationships that will bolster your chapter’s image and reputation. Chief Marketing Officer Brent Phillips (Missouri, Alpha Nu ’87) joins Jarrett to talk about the value a strong public relations program can add to your chapter. We’ll discuss best practices, identifying chapter stakeholders and relationship building.

Resource Links Discussed:

PIKE Blog - Public Relations

Hootsuite - Social Media Manager - Chapter Marketing Tools

International Fraternity Social Media - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Chairman Handbook - Public Relations

Episode 011

Collections Strategies 101

One of the more challenging aspects of your role as chapter treasurer is walking that fine line between business and brotherhood. You are ultimately responsible for holding your brothers accountable, but it’s not always comfortable having those crucial conversations when a brother starts to fall behind. This episode, Jarrett is joined by Director of Finance Lucas Ryan (Florida State, Delta Lambda ’12) to discuss collections strategies at both the chapter level and the individual level, focusing on balancing empathy and accountability.

Resource Links Discussed:

PIKE Blog - Collections Strategies I

PIKE Blog - Collections Strategies II

PIKE Blog - Budgeting Best Practices

PIKE Blog - Financial Policies

Officer Handbook - Treasurer

Episode 010

Community Service + Philanthropy

The philanthropy and community service efforts of our chapters on an international level truly speak to the good that we can do when we use our resources to benefit our communities. Recalling the four True PIKE commitments, a commitment to our communities goes hand in hand with our membership in this organization. The best way to realize this commitment is to build a program that will only improve as time goes on. In this episode, Jarrett is joined by Northwest + Great Plains Consultant Jared Campbell (East Central, Epsilon Omega '14) to talk about effective community service and philanthropy events, how to structure this area of programming within your chapter and the logistics behind event planning.

Resource Links Discussed:

PIKE Blog - Community Service + Philanthropy

PIKE Blog - CrowdChange Partnership

Chairman Handbook - Community Service + Philanthropy

Episode 009

Building a Scholarship Program

On a fundamental level, scholarship is a priority for all of our chapters. Fraternity doesn’t exist without our host institutions, so an emphasis on scholarship programming is not only encouraged – it’s expected. As members of Pi Kappa Alpha, we should strive to live a life that is congruent with our values of scholars, leaders, athletes and gentlemen. If not, we are doing both ourselves and our chapters a disservice. Delta + Arkoma Consultant Daniel Maloney (Nevada - Las Vegas, Kappa Omicron '14) joins the podcast as we discuss effective scholarship programming and what that might look like in your chapter.

Resource Links Discussed:

PIKE Blog - Scholarship

Article - American Psychological Association: "Study Smart"

Episode 008

The True PIKE Experience

At our historic 71st International Convention celebrating 150 years of Pi Kappa Alpha, the Convention floor passed legislation for the implementation of a new holistic membership development program, the True PIKE Experience. Director of Membership Development Devon Teixeira (California State - Fresno, Iota Beta '10) joins Jarrett on the podcast to discuss the ins and outs of the TPE, what value it will bring to your chapter and how you can get a jump start on implementing this new program.

Resource Links Discussed:

More information about the True PIKE Experience:

PIKE Blog - Implementing the True PIKE Experience

Episode 007

The Interview Process + No Factors

When evaluating and eventually bidding a potential new member, it is highly encouraged to use a two-step interview process. This process gives you an opportunity to uncover the recruits’ thoughts and feelings on joining a fraternity, as well as to subtly sell him on why joining PIKE is a good idea. It also gives the recruit a very straightforward and professional impression. Using the interview process can be a valuable part of your chapter’s recruitment program for the purposes of educating potential new members, generating names and eventually closing the deal. Director of Membership Growth Eduardo Maciel (California State – Fullerton, Mu Epsilon ’13) joins the podcast to discuss the two-step process, effective interviewing, “no” factors and everything in between.

Resource Links Discussed:

PIKE Blog - The Interview Process + No Factors

PIKE Blog - Cold Calls

The PIKE Store - Recruitment Supplies

Request a Recruitment Visit

Resource - Cold Call Script + Interview I & II Scripts

Resource - No Factors

Episode 006

Tips for Becoming a Successful Chapter President

This episode, Jarrett is joined by Director of Chapter Services – West Erik Fournier (Jacksonville, Mu Mu '15) to analyze the qualities that make a great chapter president. This episode will break down the top ten tips for a chapter president to ensure a successful term. We’ll talk about everything from leading and motivating by example to learning from your own mistakes.

Resource Links Discussed:

PIKE Blog - Tips for Becoming a Successful Chapter President

PIKE Blog - Effective Remote Advising

Book - "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie

Episode 005

Convention, Issues Facing Greek Life, and What's Next for the Fraternity

International President Shad Williams (Oklahoma State, Gamma Chi '90) and Executive Vice President Justin Buck (Southeast Missouri, Epsilon Iota '96) talk about what expect at Convention in Richmond, issues facing Greek life today, and what's next for Pi Kappa Alpha.

Resource Links Discussed:

Convention Registration

Updated Chapter Recommitment Process

Chapter Self-Assessment

Episode 004

Tips from a Corporate Recruiter on Building and Using Your Network

Jim Schnyder (Missouri, Alpha Nu '87) is a corporate recruiter with PepsiCo in Plano, Texas. In this episode, Jim talks about building your personal brand, how to build and activate your network for job hunting and tips on using LinkedIn.

Resource Links Discussed:

"Secrets of a Corporate Recruiter – Leveraging LinkedIn in Your Job Hunt" (Shield & Diamond, Autumn 2016)

Article - "Tips for Building a Great LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn Career Expert Series"

Episode 003

Chapter Goal Setting Using the GROW Model

Pike University Director James Kanary (Michigan, Beta Tau '95) talks about chapter goal setting using the GROW Model. This simple framework will help you get organized as a chapter. Additionally, gaining experience in strategic goal setting will serve you well in your post-collegiate career.

Resource Links Discussed:

GROW Model, SMART Goals - Running Your Chapter Meeting + Strategic Planning (PIKE Blog)

Chapter Self-Assessment - Chapter Self Assessment 2017-18

Simon Sinek - Get to Why (YouTube Video) "How Great Leaders Inspire Action"

Book - "Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck--Why Some Thrive Despite Them All"
by Jim Collins et al.

Episode 002

Launch of the PIKE Blog

Director of Educational Content & Strategy Jarrett Way (North Texas, Epsilon Delta '13) and Chief Marketing Officer Brent Phillips (Missouri, Alpha Nu '87) talk about the PIKE Blog and how this mobile-friendly resource helps chapter leaders and alumni volunteers by providing quick access to relevant information and best practices. Check out the PIKE Blog at

Resource Links Discussed:

Navigate to the PIKE Blog:

Episode 001

International President Shad Williams

International President Shad Williams (Oklahoma State, Gamma Chi '91) kicks off the inaugural PIKE Podcast. Shad talks about his vision for the podcast, his thoughts on being an actively-engaged brother and the Fraternity's 150th anniversary.

Resource Links Discussed:

Information on the 150th Anniversary of Pi Kappa Alpha:

For more information contact the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation at (901) 748-1948 or