The Presidents of Pi Kappa Alpha

The 1889 Hampden-Sydney Convention abolished the mother chapter system and established the Grand Council form of governance.

Theron Hall Rice was selected as the first Councilor Princeps (chief executive office of the Fraternity). The name of the office was changed to Grand Princeps at the 1905 Chattanooga Convention. At the 1933 Troutdale Convention, all of the general officers of the Fraternity were given new designations and Grand Princeps was changed to National President.

Over the years, Pi Kappa Alpha has grown under visionary leadership provided by our Supreme Council. The elected head of the Supreme Council is now titled the "International President," who serves a two-year term under our current constitution.


Theron Hall Rice Theron H. Rice Jr.
Brimm Daniel J. Brimm
arbuckle Howard B. Arbuckle
jones Robert R. Jones
anderson William M. Anderson
hill Robert Hill

The Presidents of Pi Kappa Alpha


tuttle Elbert P. Tuttle
hart Freeman H. Hart
hickman Roy D. Hickman
packer John L. Packer
knight Andrew H. Knight
mchaney Powell B. McHaney
newell Harvey T. Newell Jr.
yeager Ralph F. Yeager
hippel John F.E. Hippel
macfarlane Grant Macfarlane
yerkovich John U. Yerkovich
powers David C. Powers
scott Joe C. Scott
freeman Charles L. Freeman
dickson Donald E. Dickson
grissom Garth C. Grissom
sallquist Gary A. Sallquist
anderson C. Ross Anderson
reel Jerome V. Reel Jr.
ogle Richard F. Ogle
nester William R. Nester
mcbroom Virgil R. McBroom
turner Joseph J. Turner Jr.
laforge William N. LaForge
menchhofer Gary E. Menchhofer
pease Edward A. Pease
askew Jerry W. Askew
turner Thomas J. Turner
morse F. Anderson Morse
williams John Michael Williams
handler Thomas J. Handler
buttermore H. King Buttermore III
anderson D. Mark Anderson
groves Allen W. Groves
knaus Kevin G. Knaus
talley Patrick A. Talley Jr.
virta Kevin E. Virta
forrest Mathew J. Forrest
Bobango John A. Bobango
Shad D. Williams Shad D. Williams
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