Why Join PIKE?

College provides an education. PIKE provides an experience.
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PIKE is the place where students become scholars, members become leaders, jocks become athletes, and most importantly, young men become gentlemen. Your relationships and associations will influence the man you become.

Pi Kappa Alpha remains among the best organizations on North American campuses:

  • Largest average chapter size
  • Majority of chapters post GPAs above campus and Greek averages
  • $2.125 million raised for philanthropies in 2014-2015
  • Over 300,000 community service hours performed in 2014-2015
  • 10 executive leadership positions and 16 committee chair positions in each chapter

character-driven, successful men

Most importantly, PIKE cultivates a well-rounded man.We challenge our members to be the pillars of integrity and beacons of success. By finding and recruiting the most outstanding men on campus and encouraging community involvement, we create the ideal fraternal experience.

A Lifetime of Success

The PIKE experience builds skills and relationships that last long after graduation. We seek men who want to be the best at everything they do, but also value teamwork. The social and practical skills honed during the PIKE experience set the foundation for a lifetime of professional and personal success.

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For more information, contact Pi Kappa Alpha at (901) 748-1868 or pikeinfo@pikes.org.