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Prominent Pikes

Rick Dees - Radio Personality
Ted Koppel - ABC’s former Nightline Anchor
Tim McGraw - Country Music Artist
Jimmie Baker* - Emmy Award winning director and producer retired from ABC
Brad Booker - Drummer, Stir
Richard L. Evans* - Former Editor & Producer, CPS Tabernacle Choir Program
Kevin Gagnepain - Bassist, Stir
Alex Hawkins - Television Sports Personality
Bob Losure - Former Anchor of CNN Headline News
Kenneth T. Ober - Game Show Host
Fess Parker - Actor
William Sanderson - Actor
William F. Shortz - Editor, New York Times Crossword Puzzle; Founder, American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
Jon Stewart - Host of Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"
Scott Van Pelt - ESPN Anchor
Robert L. Ward - Senior Vice President and Creative Director, Universal Studios
Morgan Woodward - Actor
* Deceased

Bruce A. Aguilera - Vice President and General Counsel, Bellagio Hotel
Michael T. Ainslie - Former Vice President, Sotheby’s Europe
Dr. Gilbert F. Amelio - Inventor and Entrepreneur
John A. Balch - Former President of Royal Appliance Manufacturing
J. Frank Bell, III - Chairman and CEO, Intellinet
Arthur S. Bowes* - Industrialist
W. Todd Bowling - President, Solutions-II, Inc.
Chester M. Brown* - Former Chairman of the Board, Allied Chemical
Lawrence Owen Brown - Entrepreneur, President and CEO, Owen Brown Enterprises
Nolan Bushnell - Founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater
William M. Byrne - Entrepreneur, Author
R. Don Cash - Chairman, President and CEO, Questar Corp.
S. Truett Cathy - Founder/CEO, Chick-Fil-A
W. E. Chope* - Former President, Industrial Nucleonics Corp.
Edward N. Cole* - Former President, General Motors Corp.
Dr. Stephen R. Covey - Cofounder and Vice Chairman, FranklinCovey
Thomas H. Davis* - Founder, Former President and CEO, Piedmont Airlines
Robert H. Dedman, Jr. - President and CEO, Club Corp. International
William H. Dial* - Founder, Sun Banks of Florida
Jeffrey T. Dunn - COO and Sr. Vice President, Coca-Cola Americas
R. Lamar Durrett - Former CEO, Air Canada
Gordon E. Eubanks, Jr. - President, Oblix
Ike Evans - President and COO, Union Pacific Corp.
Joe T. Ford - Chairman of the Board/Director, ALLTEL Corporation
W. George Hairston III - CEO, Southern Nuclear
Neal C. Hansen - Chairman and CEO, CSG Systems International, Inc.
Lawrence Hariton - CFO, Universal Studios Home Video
Tom Harken - Chairman and CEO, Tom Harken and Associates
Lewis Hay III - CEO, FPL Group, Inc.
Daniel T. Hendrix - President and CEO, Interface, Inc.
Aaron Hendry - President, Hendry Corporation
R. Craig Hoenshell* - Former Chairman and CEO, Avis, Inc.
James P. Holden - Former President and CEO, Daimler-Chrysler Corporation
J. R. Holland, Jr. - President and CEO, Unity Hunt
Chad O. Holliday - Chairman and President, DuPont
Edward S. Hyman, Jr. - Economist
Hjalma Johnson - Former President, American Bankers Association
Earl D. Johnson* - Former President, General Dynamics Corp.
Gerald Kiser - CEO, La-Z-Boy, Inc.
Ken Lowe - President and CEO, The E. W. Scripps Company
Bill McCartney - Founder, Promise Keepers
Graham K. McCorkle* - Former President, Illinois Bell Telephone Company
Grant Macfarlane* - Attorney and Philanthropist
Powell B. McHaney* - Former President, General American Life Insurance Company
Stan L. McLelland - Former Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Valero Energy Corporation
John F. McNair III - Chairman, Wachovia Bank
James R. Moffett - Chairman and CEO, Freeport-McMohan Copper & Gold, Inc.
F. Anderson Morse - Senior Vice President, PNC Financial Services Group
E. Sanders Partee - President and CEO, ViewGate Networks
Neal Patterson - Chairman of the Board, CEO and Co-Founder, Cerner Corporation
Edward A. Pease - Sr. Vice President, Government Relations, Rolls-Royce North America, Inc.
Jed Pitcher - CEO, Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Joseph Plumeri - Former Chairman and CEO, Primerica Financial Services
Donald T. Regan* - Chairman, Merrill Lynch (retired) and Former White House Chief of Staff (Reagan administration)
Donald W. Reynolds* - Media Magnate
Rodger Riney - Founder and CEO, Scottrade
Samuel K. Skinner - President, Commonwealth Edison; Former Secretary of Transportation and Chief of Staff under President George Bush
Jack O. Snyder* - Former President, Sea World, Inc.
John S. Stein - Chairman and CEO, Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc.
Charles Sullivan - CEO, Interstate Bakeries
Lee Talley* - Former Chairman of the Board, Coca-Cola Co.
Jeff Taylor - Founder,
Ralph Terkowitz - Chief Technology Officer, Washington Post
Michael Tokarz - Chairman and Portfolio Manager, MVC Capital
L. Jack Van Fossen - Former President and CEO, Red Roof Inns
Robert N. Wilson - Vice Chairman of the Board, Johnson & Johnson
Quentin E. Wood - CEO and Chairman of the Board (retired), Quaker State Oil
E. S. Woolard, Jr. - Former Chairman, E. I. Du Pont; Chairman, Telex Communications Corp.
Charles J. Wyly, Jr. - Chairman, Michaels Stores
Samuel E. Wyly - Vice Chairman, Michaels Stores
* Deceased

Pete Sessions - U.S. Congressman [R-TX]
Nicholas Lampson - U.S. Congressman [D-TX]
W. Robert Pearson - Ambassador to Turkey
Jon Kyl - U.S. Senator [R-AZ]
Leslie C. Arends* - Former United States Congressman, Illinois
Dick Armey - Former United States Representative, Texas
Herbert H. Bateman* - Former United States Congressman, Virginia
Marmaduke (Duke) Gresham Bayne* - Vice Admiral, U. S. Navy; Former Commander of U.S. Forces in the Middle East
Tom Bevill - Former United States Representative, Alabama
Brooks E. Blitch, III - Chief Judge, Superior Court of Georgia
Charles A. Bowsher - Former Comptroller General of the United States
Dr. Earl W. Brian, Jr. - Former Secretary, State of California Health and Welfare Agency
Cavendish W. Cannon* - Former Diplomat, U.S. Foreign Service
Melvin E. Carnahan* - Former Governor of Missouri
John R. Carter - United States Representative, Texas
A. B. Chandler* - Former Governor of Kentucky
Earle C. Clements* - Former Governor of Kentucky

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Thad Cochran - United States Senator, Mississippi
Bud Cramer - United States Representative, Alabama
Harry S. Dent - Former Special Counsel to the President
Everett M. Dirksen* - Former United States Senator, Illinois
Franklin S. Forsberg* - Former United States Ambassador to Sweden
David Haight* - 1 of 12 Apostles in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; former mayor of Palo Alto, CA
John V. Hendry - Chief Justice, Nebraska Supreme Court
Roy D. Hickman* - Former President, Rotary International
General Courtney Hodges* - Former U.S. Army Chief of Infantry
Leo A. Hoegh* - Former Governor of Iowa
John E. Horne* - Former Chairman, Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Laurence F. Lee* - Former President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Jack Lucas - Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
David F. Maxwell* - Former President, American Bar Association
Dr. John P. McGovern - Doctor
Stan L. McLelland - Former Ambassador to Jamaica
John W. McNair, Jr. - Head Program/Budget Coordinator, Office of the Comptroller, Dept. of the Navy
Clarence W. Meadows* - Former Governor of West Virginia
Alan B. Mollohan - United States Representative, West Virginia
Frank E. Moss* - Former United States Senator, Utah
Edward A. Pease - Former United States Congressman, Indiana
Donald T. Regan* - Former White House Chief of Staff (Reagan administration)
C. Patrick Roberts - United States Senator, Kansas
C. Wesley Roberts* - Former Chairman, Republican National Convention
A. Willis Robertson* - Former United States Senator, Virginia
Karl C. Rove - President George W. Bush, chief political consultant, and chief of staff in charge of policy
Dr. John C. Ruddock* - Medical Research
Samuel K. Skinner - Former Secretary of Transportation and Chief of Staff under President George Bush
John J. Sparkman* - Former United States Senator, Alabama
Luther L. Terry* - Former Surgeon General of the United States
J. Strom Thurmond* - Former United States Senator, South Carolina
Dr. Malcolm C. Todd* - Former President, American Medical Association
Elbert P. Tuttle* - Former General Counsel, U.S. Treasury Department
Most. Rev. Bishop Henry St. George Tucker* - Bishop of the Episcopal Church
James van Hoften - Space Shuttle Astronaut
Milo J. Warner* - Former National Commander, American Legion
Claude R. Wickard* - Former Secretary of Agriculture
General Louis Wilson* (Retired) - Marine Corps Commandant, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Major Carl E. Wuertele - War Ace
* Deceased

Kenneth T. Jackson - Jacques Barzun Professor of History and the Social Sciences-Columbia University, Editor-in-Chief of The Encyclopedia of New York City
Dr. Samuel H. Smith - President Emeritus, Washington State University
E. Gordon Gee - Chancellor, Vanderbilt University
Joseph Ajello - Team Chief, Galileo UV Spectrometer Experiment/Jet Propulsion Lab
Dr. Tom Bonner - President, Wayne State University
John A. DiBiaggio - President, Tufts University
Nick Dunagan - Chancellor, University of Tennessee-Martin
Dr. Walter L. Harrison - President, University of Hartford
Dr. James D. Hoskins* - Former President, University of Tennessee
David L. Jorns - Former President, Eastern Illinois University
William Mankin - Senior Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Thomas McGraw - Pulitzer Prize Winner
Allen C. Meadors - Chancellor, University of North Carolina-Pembroke
Wayne L. Morse* - Former Dean, University of Oregon
Dr. William R. Nester - Chancellor Emeritus, University of Nebraska-Kearney
Dr. John Lloyd Newcomb* - Former President, University of Virginia
Dr. J. Michael Ortiz - President, California Polytechnic State University-Pomona
W. Taylor Reveley, Jr.* - Former President, Hampden-Sydney College
Eldridge W. Roark, Jr. - Former National President, Omicron Delta Kappa
Dr. Otis A. Singletary, Jr. - Former President, University of Kentucky
W. Christian Sizemore - Chancellor, William Jewel College
Dr. Andrew A. Sorensen - President, The University of South Carolina
Edwin B. Strong, Jr. - President, Culver-Stockton College
William P. Tolley* - Former President and Chancellor, Syracuse University
Gary Trennepohl - President, Oklahoma State University-Tulsa
Robert F. Vagt - President, Davidson College
Glen Weissenberger - Dean of DePaul University School of Law
William H. Willimon - Dean of Chapel at Duke University and professor of theology; author
* Deceased

Bobby Bowden - Head Football Coach, Florida State University
Horace Grant - Professional Basketball Player
Lance Alworth - Pro Football Hall of Fame
Jamie Asher - Professional Football Player, Philadelphia Eagles
Trevino Betty - 2000 Canadian Olympian, Sprinter
Pat Bowlen - Owner, Denver Broncos
Chad Clifton - Offensive Tackle, Green Bay Packers
Jason Collier* - Forward, Atlanta Hawks
Wesley E. Fesler* - Former Head Football Coach, Ohio State
Gus Frerotte - Quarterback, St. Louis Rams
Hubert Green - Pro Golfer
Breaux Greer - 2000 U.S. Olympian, Javelin
Bill Guthridge - Retired Head Basketball Coach, University of North Carolina
Todd Hays - 2002 Olymics Silver Medal Winner
Fred Hoiberg - Pro Basketball Player, Minnesota Timberwolves
Dan Issel - Former Head Coach and General Manager, NBA’s Denver Nuggets; Professional Basketball Hall of Fame
Garth Jax - Former Pro Football, Arizona Cardinals
Travis Knight - Pro Basketball Player, Los Angeles Lakers
Jeff MacMunn - 1996 and 2000 Olympian - USA Disabled Volleyball Team
Bill McCartney - Former Head Football Coach, University of Colorado; Founder of Promise Keepers
William H. Moos - Athletic Director, University of Oregon
Dick Motta - Former NBA Coach, Dallas Mavericks
George Nissen - Inventor of the trampoline; the Nissen Award is given annually to the top collegiate gymnast
Steve Prefontaine* - Former World Class Runner, National Track and Field Hall of Fame
Bob Pruett - Head Football Coach, Marshall University
Howard Schnellenberger - Head Football Coach, Florida Atlantic University
Frank Sinkwich* - Heisman Trophy Winner, University of Georgia
Kevin Stallings - Head Basketball Coach, Vanderbilt University
Gene Stephenson - Head Baseball Coach, Wichita State University
Gino Torretta - Heisman Trophy Winner, University of Miami
Mike Trigg - Head Coach, The Rampage Arena Football Team
Jake Voskuhl - Center, Phoenix Suns
Pappy Waldorf* - Coach, University of California; National Football Hall of Fame
Matt Whiteside - Professional Baseball Player, San Diego Padres
Woody Widenhofer - Head Football Coach, Vanderbilt University
* Deceased

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