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Happy Founders Day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On March 1st, 2011, Pi Kappa Alpha will celebrate 143 years as the best! Regardless of when and where you were initiated into Pi Kappa Alpha, March 1st is the day we all come together as brothers in the bonds of phi phi kappa alpha and celebrate the establishment of our great Fraternity.

At this special time of year, I encourage you to remember those who came before us and those who today embody what Pi Kappa Alpha means to you and me. I am amazed that the values we hold today, those which are outlined in the True Pike, were molded by men in their late teens and early twenties - more than a century ago.

Our Fraternity flourishes today on campuses large and small, public and private, in every corner of the continent because of the virtues at the core of Pi Kappa Alpha. These principles have been present for over 143 years and remain vibrant in the hearts of brothers across the generations and across our landscape.

Today, I hope you will pause and remember those who have come before us and shaped our great Fraternity - the founders and junior founders of Pi Kappa Alpha. I also hope you will pause and think of those who continue to embody what it is to be a True Pike. Together, the lives of those who came before us, the times we share together, and the principles to which we commit, are what we celebrate this Founders Day. For them - for you - we are truly grateful.

Happy Founders Day! I look forward to seeing you in Memphis at our upcoming Academy.

In the Bonds,

Kevin E. Virta
International President