• It is unbelievable the potential this (The True PIKE Experience) has to improve the experience for every individual member. I can't wait for Convention in Baltimore.
  • (After being presented The True PIKE Experience) It was the most excited I have seen individuals and groups of volunteers about Pi Kappa Alpha educational programs and materials during my experience with the Fraternity. That's over 20 years!
  • I was part of the group that helped develop the Fraternity's values statements, including The True Pike, Mission, Vision and Creed. The True PIKE Experience bridges the gap between the Fraternity's values and the daily lives of members. It is what we have been waiting for!
  • I can't believe where we are with this program (The True PIKE Experience) in such a short period of time. It is revolutionary.
  • This (The True PIKE Experience) is not merely a member development program. This defines what a Fraternity man does through his entire undergraduate experience.
  • This is unique to PIKE - I have not seen a powerful & public commitment to the meaning of the Fraternity in the fraternal world. I believe this is the key for changing the game for everyone!
  • I am in awe of this program (The True PIKE Experience) that is coming for our undergrads. I wish I would have had this when I was in the chapter!

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